Since the start of Covid-19, many conspiracy theories have begun. Some of them say that the Covid-19 is a biological weapon. To date, there hasn’t been single evidence of any conspiracy theory. Even in this digital age, this Virus is so new that nothing can be said about its future. Its a fact that it all started with china, but they didn’t intentionally create this Virus. Whole china especially Wuhan province suffered badly from this deadly Virus. After two months of strict lockdown, the Chinese were able to heal themselves from this Virus. When the Virus began in china, the whole world was laughing at them. Every country took this Virus as a joke. No one had an idea of how many scenarios a single virus can bring to the world. As of now, there are a lot of rumors roaming around that a cold war between China and the USA has started. Here is all you need to know about this cold war.

How it all started?

In the mid of December 2019, a Covid-19 patient in China was reported. This was the first case of novel Coronavirus. Chinese health professionals had no idea about the intensity of this Virus. It spread from human to human interaction and its spread was so fast that it took quite a bit of time for China to understand the whole scenario. When things started getting out of control, the Chinese government announced lockdown to minimize the spread of this Virus.

This was the time when the whole world, especially America, took this Virus as a joke. The president trump in one of his tweets called Coronavirus as the Chinese Virus. When Covid-19 cases started appearing in other parts of the world, everyone was shocked. With time, almost every country had to impose lockdown to control the situation. By this time, Covid-19 was declared as a pandemic as it affected globally.  When things went differently for the United States, they started blaming china for the Covid-19 pandemic. As mentioned, the United States government didn’t take this pandemic seriously at the start. Therefore, when their health system was about to crash, they came up with a political statement. To date, the American government has filed a legal case against China for spreading Coronavirus.

Understanding the nature of Virus

At this point, one cannot blame Covid-19 as part of the US-China war. Though both these superpowers are quite against each other, it would be too early to judge as of now. The whole world needs to understand the nature of the deadly Coronavirus. Apart from a few provinces of China, the Coronavirus still exists in more than 150 countries. Its nature, the way it affects, is still under research. The scientists and health professionals aren’t sure about the primary source of this Virus. So, we cannot blame a country for spreading this Virus as every country is dealing with this pandemic. When the whole pandemic will end, only then one will be in a position to do any politics.  The United States itself is in a horrific position, its economy is about to collapse and Covid-19 cases are still being reported daily. It seems like they want to ignite a cold war but the situation is out of their hands. The nature of this Virus is so complex that no one can quote when this whole pandemic ends.

What about Future strategies?

According to some sources, China will hit back the United States after this pandemic. Hit back in the sense of economic leaders, as the US economy is already not stable due to coronavirus situation. When China got affected, the United States started showing a different picture of the whole world. They had plans to end the contracts and businesses of several multinational companies that were operating in China. They feared every other business that China isn’t a safe place for the future. On the other hand, Chinese officials also had an idea about this strategy. But for them, the pandemic was more important to deal with. Now, things are totally opposite, china is a stable position, and the US is on the list of most affected countries. According to some sources, China may strongly hit back to America after the Coronavirus. But only time can tell what the future scenario will be.