The effects of global Warming have shown the reasons why people from all over the world should save water. If people save water, a friendly environment will be created, and water will be available for human and animal consumption. Saving water will involve using water in the most significant way and avoiding water wastage. 

The issue we need to address

The issue to address is whether conserving water helps in solving the adverse effects of global warming. Many debates have been raised on the issue, and people think that there are various ways that can be used to address the effects of global Warming. I believe saving water can assist in reducing the adverse effects of global warming.

Global Warming and how to tackle it

Global Warming has brought adverse effects to humans and the environment. Various debates on how to tackle this issue have been raised. One of the methods to reduce the impacts of global Warming is saving water. Although there is a lot of water in the atmosphere, a very small percentage of water is freshwater. Both humans and animals need fresh water for survival, and therefore it is important to save it.

  • ·         Saving water reduces costs.
  • ·         Saving water reduces the costs spent on water charges.
  • ·         Saving water saves energy that is used to pump water from one place to another.
  • ·         Saving water also ensures that a friendly ecosystem is achieved.
  • ·         Saving water helps in avoiding global challenges.
  • ·         Developing countries feel the burden when people do not save water.
  • ·         Conserving water leads to high food production.
  • ·         Freshwater is scarce and therefore, important to save it.
  • ·         Water is required by all living things.
  • ·         Both human and animals require water to survive
  • ·         Fish and other water species are affected by water wastage.
  • ·         Saving water saves the lives of all living things.

One of the ways to reduce the adverse effects of global Warming is by saving water. Saving water has many advantages not only to living organisms but also to the ecosystem. Saving water saves the lives of animals and other sea species. Saving water also reduces the costs associated with water wastage. Since the population is increasing and fresh water is becoming scarce, it is important to save water today to save the future.

There are many reasons that people should save water today. Without freshwater, the chances that a human being can survive are very minimal. Saving the freshwater will ensure that no human or animal will be lost due to lack of water. Saving water also reduces the costs associated with the usage of water. If people are keen on reducing the amount of water they spend every single day, they will ensure that several gallons of water will be saved annually. 

Saving water also ensures a natural ecosystem that ensures that animal species and humans have a natural environment to live in. Seas, lakes, and oceans are natural sources of water. With increased water wastage, the water levels in these water bodies reduce, which may harm the creatures that depend on the water bodies.

Conserving water also saves energy. Pumping water from one place to another takes a lot of energy.  Saving water and saving energy is crucial to human life.  Energy is essential in making sure that water is accessible in other areas. If people wasted a lot of time, a lot of energy would be required to make the pumps work. Saving water will ensure that the power needed for the pumps to work is reduced.

Other than saving the human and animal species, saving water will also make sure that costs associated with water consumption will be significantly reduced. Most people pay huge water bills due to wastage. When water is saved, a few changes will be associated with water usage. Without saving water, humans are forced to look for other water sources like sinkholes. Interfering with the water table may lead to changes in the water cycle and therefore change the ecosystem. It is, therefore, important to save water to maintain the water cycle and therefore save both human and animal life.

When water is carefully utilized, a lot of animals and fish will be saved. All living species need water in one way or the other, saving water and ensuring that only the right levels of water are used saving money for use by other species. In the case that humans are wasting water at a high rate, there is little water left to be used by animals and fish. Water wastage reduces the amount of water that flows into rivers and finally into water bodies. If water flowing into water bodies is reduced due to water wastage by the people, the lives of fish and other water species will be affected, and that might lead to death due to lack of enough water. This explains why it is important to save water. Saving water will save lives and maintain the water cycle.

Another reason that people should save water is to avoid a global impact that can be as a result of lack of water. Water wastage is felt mostly in developed countries where accessing water in some areas is still a problem. To reduce the burden that may occur due to lack of water supply, it is important that the developed countries save water and avoid wastage at all costs. Lives are sometimes lost in African due to lack of water. To show that people appreciate the natural gift of water, it is important to use it responsibly rather than waste while other people are dying due to the lack of water.

Another reason to save water is to have enough food and vegetable supplies which are grown through irrigation.  If people wasted a lot of water, very little amount of water would be left for irrigation and with less water, less food production. If food production is not enough for the people, nutrition diseases will emerge, and that would even lead to loss of life. It is, therefore, clear of how saving water does not only save an animal life, but every aspect of human life is dependent on water. Another important reason that we should save water is the fact that it is a limited resource. Freshwater is limited, and out of the seventy percent of water, only 0.03 percent of this water is fresh. With the world population increasing, it is clear that water is worth saving and therefore we should do our best to ensure that we save water. To save the future, people can start by saving the water resources that are available.

The debate surrounding the issue

Some people may argue that a considerable amount of water is used in doing important things in life. People use water scrubbing clothes. Although we use water in every human activity, it is important to apply the washing up armed force style where we save water in the best way we can. If all the people unite and join to save water, we will not only be saving water but also the life of many living organisms and the water cycle.

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Description: Saving water is absolutely necessary not only for reducing global Warming but for the betterment of mankind as well as animal-kind.