Boxes are extensively used for encapsulating the products, and the exclusive designing is applied to the packaging solutions in order to make them out of the crowd. In this context, the distinctive look is always mesmerizing for the customers. And this marvelous look gradually enhances customer engagement. Ultimately it would escalate the sale of the particular product. 

Moreover, the cardboard packaging solutions are considered the main chunk of the packaging boxes. And it is also used in the packaging of such products that are created for delivering to the customers. Such type products are highly sensitive as these are going to ship at the faraway places. So, the chances of loss and damage during the transit is always there. 

Role of cardboard shipping boxes for the lipsticks:

In order to diminish the risk of loss during the transportation packager, use high-quality material for the boxes. In addition to this, they also allow the customers to add any sort of protective material in the packaging of the products. Similarly, the cosmetic products are also highly sensitive; the glass bottles and simple plastic holders are not capable of reducing the chances of the destruction. It means the delivery of such products essentially requires high-strength packaging solutions. 

Some protective materials for safe delivery of the products:

In order to enhance the strength of the packaging, sometimes additional material is required. Especially for the lipsticks that are packed in the crystal and plastic bottles, high-strength and fully tight custom cardboard lipstick boxes by city of packaging are required. 

Air bags:

To place the lipstick containers tightly inside the box air bags are used. Once you place the lipstick in the cardboard box, then you can easily insert these air bags tightly in the box. These air bags are capable of reducing the effects of jerks and movements that are happening during transportation.  

Corrugation wraps:

Corrugation wraps are made from various sizes of flutes. And these wraps are used to cover the lipstick bottles before packaging in the custom cardboard boxes. The high-strength corrugation material keeps the lipsticks safe from damage during the transit. However, the size of the flute makes the wrap powerful or vice versa. 


It is also one of the additional packaging materials and also a widely used option. Simply the Styrofoam sheets are placed around the lipstick cases and then packed inside custom lipstick boxes. As the Styrofoam absorb the moisture and protect the perishable lipstick bottles from collapsing, so it is also considered a good protective packaging material for the cosmetics.

In addition to the above-mentioned materials, some other materials are also used for the security of the lipsticks during transportation. 

  • Packaging peanuts
  • Eva foam
  • Air pillows

Final words:

All the above-mentioned materials are extensively used for the lipstick shipment boxes. As this would enhance the overall packaging strength of a box and also make it more long-lasting. When customers open the box, remove all additional material, and found a pretty lipstick inside, it would provide better unboxing experience and a sense of care for the product. All these measures not only minimize the wastage cost but also make the lipstick packaging impressive for the customers.