When one wins a trophy, happiness could be seen on the face. But what about the participants who did the best but could not win. Does not he deserve to get a participant trophy? The fact cannot be ignored that it is regarded as the most hotly debated subjects all across the world of youth sports. The gravity of participation trophies and their effect on children’s development can be understood. There is no doubt that a wide array of anecdotes all around from professionals and celebrities too. But these opinions are not more than a piece of evidence. This debate is a wide topic to discuss and worthy to understand. Would you not prefer to understand both sides in an incredible way indeed?


Reasons Behind Thinking That Participation Trophies Could Be Bad 

Do you want to know what is the biggest argument which does not go in favor of participating trophies? It is somewhere counted as a form of overprotection regarding our children. Sports trophies are given to kids without considering the fact of how poorly they probably have performed. The motto behind giving them trophies is that they must not feel bad in case they lose. Giving trophies means kids would not be able to receive failure ever. They probably grow up without understanding the value of winning. They could be more intro simply showing up. 

Studies say that if you want to increase a kid’s motivation, emphasize health or want to make them learn how it is fun to move or play ball, then they need to learn how to earn it. We all need to encourage them regarding the everyday advantages of sports so that they could understand how important it is to get an actual award. They will get to have an internal motivation to perform better in sports. They will start enjoying it with their friends. They may put effort into getting the win. 

The list does not get ended up here since there are many points regarding this. Talking about the next point, participation trophies probably lead towards backfire as kids might not put that much effort to win the game. Here, it is required to mention that this attitude may then affect the kids to understand the importance of efforts. They would be seeing everyone around them getting the same award just because they are on the field. 

It may also affect the kids receiving the participation trophies since some cases say that children do not recognize participation trophies as true awards. As per one study, some children only count the trophies which can represent a placeholder but not just participation. 

Therefore, many experts and parents do also consider the concept of participation value wrong. They agree that it would not help their kids to win. As per them, they probably start devaluing the importance of true winners in a competition just because of being under an overprotective parenting standard. 

But Do Trophies Could Be Good. If Yes Then How?

When it comes to the benefits of trophies, the list is quite long. It is said that it encourages younger children. When kids get to have a reward for doing something good, they learn that they need to get prepared first to win which revolves around hard work indeed. Here, it needs to mention that rewarding children for their efforts have always been considered quite good since it helps them to know about the value of being present, working hard as well as contributing to a team. Here, it needs to mention that they are shown how good and incredible it is to be reliable. How important the effort of every person is irrespective if it leads to a victor or a loss.

Talking about the idea of imparting trophies only to winners does not put enough of other important values. It means playing sports is not just about being the best of the best. It is about learning the significance of an active lifestyle as well as developing social skills by befriending and working with other folks. It makes you get to learn about a fun game which could turn them into a lifelong interest. To put in simple words, it can be said that using participation Awards early on to give children is regarded as a token of the good times as well as hard work they probably put into a season which will play a major role to drive those points home.

But some people also say that participation trophies spoil our kids. On this topic, educational theorist Alfie Kohn mentions that we need to understand that what we are brought down to Earth before has probably had the chance to soar. 

To put in simple words, it can be said that participation trophies are indeed good. They should be given to kids. It helps them to learn about the importance of hard work, teamwork, etc. Moreover, they get to understand the value of youth sports. These Sports Trophies teach our kids that it is quite important to try new things so that you could do your part as a member of a team indeed. 

Studies also emphasize that kids need to get to learn that things are not only black or white, but they could also be grey too. It means it is not important to go with either win or lose. Every game also makes you learn about an understanding of learning new things indeed. Therefore, it is said that teaching kids a black and white dynamic of winning vs losing, participation trophies do play a major role to show kids that trying new things irrespective if you are not good at them though. It may help you to learn new things incredibly. 

Do buy the best quality trophy to give kids whenever they participate in new things. It helps them to learn many things. Trophy distributors should keep this thing into mind so that the development of kids could happen in a right manner.

In The Last

Studies say that if kids are rewarded only for the outcome of their actions instead of the process that got there can make them cut corners in the future. Moreover, some education institutes and schools do also praise for being smart or for working hard.