People in relation avoid saying no, and sometimes they just ignored it. At such times, it is suitable to say no to someone. Neither it is a gesture, nor it is answered and people become tense because of this behavior. Actually, this is simply nothing. The silence of someone is the most powerful tool, either in relation or in friendship. You show nothing, no intentions, and you control yourself in your direction. This is considered as a no response in any relation. This silence is much more powerful and carries a huge weight. It seems very effective and sometimes more than words. It is a clear message of ignorance.

You are in a relationship; no response is a negative response for you

When you are in a relation and others are meeting with you in silence, it might a signal that he/she is winding up the relation. One out of two is really expecting a response, but in return, no response is found. Others should be prepared mentally, that changing dramatically and giving no response could be the end of the relation. No response means, others have no issue with your sadness and he/she has in off status. If you are getting no response, then be prepared, things are changed now and forever. No, you have to think about the next move and go on in your life. You have to make your own doors and pass through them. You can also leave him alone and simply walk to your way. One could also say some words to retain you back in, but you should be strong enough to ignore and walk in your own way.

People thing the no response is not an answer from someone. This doesn’t mean that you are not getting any answer; this is an answer. Actually, no response answers, a clear answer of no. It is actually a response, and it means things can be worse if you get a response. And not getting any response is a sign that no need to respond to me back, I don’t want to go with you and I just want to windup the things. And just forget me forever. No response means that you are not worthy, no more interested and there is just a waste of time by responding to you. No response means someone has no wish to communicate with you and doesn’t want to share anything anymore.

It’s time to stop

If someone is not responding to you, and this can be too frustrating for you. But, when you should also stop and come back. This is not a way to fight with someone, but you need also to stop at some point. What is that point, don’t send him/her nonstop text? Just be patient and it’s your time to stop. Sometimes, others ignore you just to realize you, and in return, you can show the same attitude. You should know when you have to stop in the relation. If someone has decided and continuously not responding to you, then you surely understand the negation and for the self-esteem come back and move forward in your life.

If someone truly loves you, he would never ignore you. This is a symbol of love. Otherwise, you tried many times, and there is no effect on the deaf ears. It is a strong signal and message for you to come back. Here the love has ended or dead. And you can’t force a person to respond to you. It is not essential that someone reciprocate you. So, no response is a powerful tool and tells clearly about the negation and ends up. You should hear this answer and move forward in life.