It’s not only the customization of wholesale custom boxes which makes them so popular. The freedom and the ease these boxes provide is the main reason for their success. Brands order customized wholesale boxes for the marketing of their products. The product you want to sell might be perfect but its packaging also has to be perfect.

So, use the customized packaging boxes for packing your well-crafted products. Think beyond the limits and create a marketing campaign for your product range. Here is how you can set and run an advertising campaign with the help of customized packaging. 

Use of a custom box for sending an invitation

If you work in the corporate sector, you would have an idea about the importance of inviting a client for a meeting. The invitation letter or offer has to look professional. Most of the companies and their representatives use a standard approach for communicating with their clients. Instead of that traditional approach, you can use wholesale custom boxes for inviting them or even just for formal discussion.

Every corporate sector meeting and gathering is important for any business. Leave a positive impression on your clients by using printed custom boxes for communicating with them. It would be a good idea to wrap a small gift along with that invitation or proposal. This approach will let you win the heart of your clients.

Custom wrapped boxes for a retail marketing campaign 

The retail sector is full of custom printed boxes as several retail brands use them for packing and display needs. So, it’s impossible to forget the role of custom boxes for retail brands. Now, the fact is that most retail brands use custom wholesale packaging for display or strong their goods. No doubt, the defined purpose of these boxes is packing but things don’t end here. You can in fact you should utilize the strength of custom boxes for marketing your retail goods.

A simple approach is to use printed custom boxes with a logo so that people get to know about your brand. It is fine and it works but it is always better to think beyond the limits. What about designing a marketing campaign with the help of these boxes? Print an offer that can attract customers. If this doesn’t work, you can print the salient features of your product. The purpose of using these boxes for marketing is to grab the attention of the customers. 

Marketing campaign for custom shipping boxes

One cannot forget the e-commerce business while discussing any aspect of customized packaging boxes. The e-commerce business isn’t complete without the addition of these custom boxes that are used for shipping. If you run an e-commerce store don’t worry you can also design and run a marketing campaign 

The rules are pretty simple; you have to set some outcomes that you want to obtain through a marketing campaign. Once you have decided, you have to decide how you can add that marketing content on your packaging boxes. Leave some space for your brand message on printed custom boxes. Utilize this space by adding useful information that you want to share with your target customers. 


As a business person or a product seller, you have to realize it’s not just the advertising agencies that are responsible for creating any marketing campaign. Start-up businesses often are short on budget and custom boxes can help them in creating their marketing campaign. It’s just another benefit or you may say, use of customized packaging boxes. The methods and tips we’ve mentioned will help you a lot in creating a marketing campaign for your business.