While creating our home decoration that reflects our style, we often prefer decorative wall clock samples among different clock alternatives. It is very easy to design a wall clock suitable for home decoration by taking inspiration from DIY projects, which are quite trending today. 

You can easily prepare the wall clock that reflects your own style with the economic wall clock mechanism you can find in many places and the decorative materials you will combine. In this article, we have compiled different do-it-yourself examples that can inspire you in the process of creating your own wall clock.

The first product you need to design the wall clock suitable for the decoration style is the wall clock mechanism that you can easily find and buy. You can create the wall clock by combining the materials that make up the clock look you designed with the affordable mechanism. 

The important point is to make a hole wide enough to pass the carrier pipe of the mechanism through the middle of the large area material that forms the main surface of the wall clock. In this way, you can hide the battery holder behind this large surface and place the hour and minute hands on the front surface.

1. Patterned Wall Clocks

You can prepare the practical wall clock with the wall clock mechanism you will mount on the cardboard you will cut in the shapes and sizes you wish. You can cover the cardboard that forms the main surface of the watch with papers decorated with colors and patterns that reflect the decoration style, thus creating an interesting accessory. 

With a quick internet search, you can find images that consist of colors and patterns that suit your taste, and you can print them out with appropriate sizes. We recommend you to browse light and economical materials such as photoblock, model cardboard, corrugated cardboard while creating the main element cardboard.

2. Painted Wall Clocks

In this wall clock example, which is a different version of our first suggestion, you can use light but durable cardboards as the main example for the main surface. Unlike our first suggestion, we recommend that you create the patterns that will cover the cardboard in this version and add visual richness to the product with various colors and paints. 

You can create all kinds of patterns and images by using different methods such as watercolor, charcoal, spray paint and even potato printing, rope printing. In this way, the product you created can act as both a wall clock and a painting you create yourself.

3. Plywood Wooden Wall Clocks

Considering the wall clock, you can get a stylish and different product by including wooden material, which is one of the first materials that come to mind. You can use the plywood tray that you will shape and shape as you wish, as the main surface of the wall clock. 

Due to its economical, light and robust features, plywood material can be quite suitable for this DIY project. You can use the wooden surface you have obtained in its plain form, as well as you can color it with different paints and elaborate with metal accessories.

4. Raw Wooden Wall Clocks

If you want to prefer wood material in decoration, if you want to emphasize the naturalness of this material as much as possible, we recommend you to use the power of raw wood in the design of the wall clock. 

Nowadays, you can provide the raw wood look, which is often preferred for different product designs, with a piece of wood that you can clean and shape. While creating your watch, you should take care to thin the wooden piece sufficiently. By supporting this piece with a modern frame and metal pieces, you can achieve an industrial look.

5. Hanging Wall Clocks

Including a hanger made up of textile materials in wall-integrated products such as wall mirrors and wall clocks is a popular approach recently. You can catch this trend by adding a hanger compatible with the clock design and materials to the wall clock you designed. 

In this way, you can get a detail that makes the watch you designed unique and that allows this product to reflect a completely different atmosphere. We recommend that you examine the leather straps that you can use as hangers to achieve a stylish look and durability.

6. Geometric Wall Clocks

Our next suggestion is for those who like to feature clear lines and simple forms in decoration. If you prefer to get a simple-looking accessory that is far from mixed details, you can take advantage of basic geometric shapes when creating the wall clock. 

You can emphasize these clean forms by creating geometric shapes on the conventional circular clock surface and associating the clock surface with different shapes. The geometric wall clock, backed by the right materials and colors, will allow you to create a charismatic effect on its decoration.

7. Polygonal Wall Clocks

If you want to get away from the familiar circular shapes in the wall clock design and capture an original form, we can suggest you to consider different geometric shapes as the main surface. Due to its equal edges and symmetrical dimensions, the square form can help differentiate it from other wall clocks and create an effective product with its sharp corners.

 You can support the square clock surface you have obtained by using smooth materials such as plywood, cardboard, glass, with colors suitable for home decoration, and revive with linear details.

8. Laser Cut Wall Clocks

If you want to embellish the wall clock design with small details and decorate it with finely processed details, you can try to get the clock elements by laser cutting method. With a short internet search, you can find a large number of laser cutting templates, you can cut these templates to the extent you want at some stationery and laser cutting centers. 

With this economical and practical process that takes a very short time, you can reflect the details you wish to your materials perfectly. Our most important suggestion in this matter will be to choose the material in the structure and thickness suitable to the template you like.

9. Fabric Covering Wall Clocks

There is another way to enrich the wall clock you designed with different colors and patterns than the paper coating and painting methods. You can consider covering the main surface material that you have shaped in the appropriate dimensions with a fabric that is compatible with your home decoration. 

Thus, you will give the main surface of the watch a textured and detailed appearance. If you like to see similar details in the decoration together and relate the products, we recommend you to choose different textiles such as covering fabric and curtain, pillowcase of the room from the same fabric model.

10. Mushroom Wall Clocks

Another innovative and modern material that we encounter in different product samples today is mushroom. You can easily adapt this economical and practical material, which you can find and buy in many places, to any size and shape you wish. Combining this material, which has an interesting appearance due to its porous and unique texture, is quite trendy. You can also detail the cork textured wall clock with suitable paints or colored bands.