Since the technology has evolved so much everyone these days love to have personal devices. However, individuals have a different piece of activity on their PCs. Nowadays, computer laptop and desktop devices are available in different shapes, models, specifications, prices, and last but not least with different operating systems such as windows and MAC. In a current scenario, none of the governmental organization in the world is present that governs without the usage of laptop/desktop computer devices these days.

Suppose you talk about the corporate sector, employers have been already equipped their employees with contemporary digital devices in terms of laptop machines. The young school-going youth is highly obsessed with technology and laptop devices are in particular. Therefore, people desperately want to spy on personal PCs to get rid of digital dangers and as well as to protect their business secrets. Therefore, you can do surveillance on a personal computer with PC spy software.

How to get best PC spy app to monitor personal computer?

Are you in the search of computer monitoring software to track someone’s PC? You need to have a high –tech tool that empowers you to monitor laptop/desktop devices running with Windows and MAC operating systems. So, you need to visit the web and you need to follow few instructions to get the best of the best tracking software for digital devices.

Step1: Subscribe for PC surveillance software

Initially, you need to visit OgyMogy website on your desktop or laptop machine installed browser. Now you need to search to have the official webpage of the PC spying software for Mac and windows. Once you are on the page then get subscription online. Instantly, you will receive credentials in terms of passcode and ID.

Step2: Get target device possession

Now you have to get physical access to your target device and when you have got it then start the process of installation. Once you have been ended up with the procedure of installation then you should set up on the targeted device.

Step3: Use credentials to visit web portal

You can use passcode and ID that you have got at the time of subscription and get access to the online dashboard of the monitoring app for MAC devices. You can further visit the tools that empower you to do surveillance on windows desktop devices. Let’s get to know about the tools that empower the user to spy on windows and Mac PCs.

 Use Windows monitoring software features

Windows browsing history

The end-user can remotely get access to the windows laptop desktop devices installed browsers and let you know all the visited websites and bookmarks as well with the complete schedule.


You can remotely get screenshots of the activities that target windows PC users have performed on the screen. Furthermore, you can get plenty of screenshots with a single tap but sending the number of commands at once.

Website Blocking

Now you can block the websites on the target windows desktops that you might think inappropriate for the users for digital parenting reasons. You just have to put the URLs of the websites into the filters.

Computer camera photos

You can remotely get control over the front camera of the windows laptop device to know who is up to the device.

View installed applications

Now you can see all the applications installed on the targeted windows devices no matter what it is a laptop or desktop machine.

Email monitoring on windows

You can read emails sent or received on the target computer machine with windows email spy software.

 Use MAC spying software features

Camera Bug

You can remotely control the MAC laptop device camera present on the front of the device capture photos using a camera bug app for MAC.

MIC bug

Users can get access to the target MAC laptop microphone and control it record surround conversations and voices by using MIC bug software for MAC laptop machines.

Live Screen recording

End-user can do a real-time screen recording of the targeted device using screen recorder software for MAC. You can create short videos of the screen in real-time of the target MAC PC screen and can see real-time activities.


PC surveillance software is the best tool that empowers you to monitor personal computer devices remotely.