It is the famous quotation that “Book is judged by its cover”. This saying clarifies that the first engaging thing for the readers is the cover of the book. So, if you are a writer and need to sell your books like hotcakes, then the perfect and attractive book cover is essential for you.

In this advanced era, the art and creation world is become proliferated. And the limit of the design is the sky. You can create anything you imagine without any hazel. But in order to get the advantage of these advanced tactics, it is required to understand the depth of the design. So, let’s move toward gaining some understanding of this.

What is the importance of the book cover design?

Just take an example of social websites.

What makes you read any post?

Yes, it is the thumbnail or image that is appeared on the post. Likewise, the books create their first positive impression through their cover. On the other hand, in the industry, you also face some sort of competition. And in order to stand out, it is the need of the hour to design such an impactful book cover that is able to make the viewer wait for a while when he saw your book on the rag.  

So, further study of this article would assist you in making the impressive book cover. 

Before going to create or finalize the book cover design, it is essential to clarify some useful aspects of designing the book cover. [Reference]

Design of your cover must make the proper sense:

It is obvious that in all of the marketing efforts, the more imminent one is the book cover design. It is not worthy of how interesting, insightful, and melodic words are string together in a book. But all your efforts would diminish at once if the cover of the book is not up to mark. And consequently, no one would even pick up the books of such covers.

Add to this sad representation is also an embarrassment for the author if the writing of the book is awesome. However, it is also pathetic for the bookstores to hold such monstrosity.

The next thing is the visibility of the book at the online stores. Yes, it is about the e-book covers. It is the end choice of the users to click any sort of book, even books with ugly covers. But the question here is why anyone clicks on the book that is presented at the e-store with the ugly cover. When there is an ocean of rivaling books are available for him. It is also a known fact that the browsers weed out the pathetically presented books on the basis of the visual clues.

So the whole discussion means you create a massive risk for your retail of books if you deny the importance of book cover design. Therefore you are required to make the design that really creates the relevancy with the book theme and also elegant in its personality.

Annex the advance options to become more competitive:

In order to sustain long and go competitive in a particular industry, the core thing to do is to apply the latest trend and advance options for the creation of the perfect theme of the cover page.

There are massive examples of using the 3d impacts and other trendy options that simply boost the engagement of the general masses. Just take an example of the

The 3d impact of the cover page that shows the various layers of the earth crust clearly illustrate the Jules Verne’s journey to the center of the earth.

However, 3d impacts and layering techniques are used to create the moment of the cover page. And it would also enhance customer engagement toward writing more rapidly and easily.  These impacts also show the depth and interest of the whole book in a single go.

However, the snap out images of hand drawings and writings after the adjustment in the software is also used as the book covers.

  • Pixelmator
  • Inkscape
  • GIMP
  • Adobe Photoshop

 And by the perfect positioning of the images and text easily make the top of the screen view of the cover. Like on the cover page of the book. The boy who couldn’t sleep and never had to.

Relevant Photography would add the professional touch:

You can use the metaphorical imaginary to innovate the simple themed book cover into a compelling one. And for this, the pictorial presentation of the theme and the relevant Photography is the terrific option. Just take the example of a book cover of the story in the early years. It is a story about the Colombian author Gabriel Garcia Marquez. And the designer Jason Ramirez featured the sweet ripening pomegranate in the book cover.

So, there are a huge number of designers who use the Photography of any relevant object or scene to create the professional look of the book covers. But it depends on the nature of the book story and taste of the writer.

Your book cover design must narrate your book theme:

Such book cover designs create an enticing impression of the book and story in the first look. By just looking at the covers, the reader gets engaged in the world of the book. So, the designers for such types need to use the pinch points of the whole story and present them on the cover in the form of one-liners.

In addition to the text, the coloring, environment, and characters are also put in the cover. These things are dispensed in a way that creates the image of the story.

Narrative book covers are considered one of the more engaging cover style. And according to the various studies and analyses, it is evident that your book has only eight seconds to influence the viewer to take the chance on it. And if you need to make it count then the narrative book cover is a preferred choice.

The tone of the cover is also noticeable:

It is also required to set the tone of the book cover theme before starting the design. Various book cover entails the;

  1. graphic memoirs
  2. colorful tone
  3. cartoonish tone,
  4. hand-drawn illustrations,
  5. and symbols

that intrigue the characters. The designer put any of the above-mentioned things to demonstrate the subject of the book.

Add to this, the tone of the cover also needs to be in accordance with the tone of the book and story. However, if you deceived the readers through using the hilarious book cover, but the inside writing is grim, then it would ruin your professional image ultimately. 

Do not overstuff the cover with details:

Information overload on the book covers sometimes discourage the reader and also create the multifarious image of the book information. While on the other end, the simple and modest designs make the design perfect for the thumbnail of the book. The reason is these are crisp and easily understood.

In order to create a simple and relevant design for the book cover, you can use various fonts and typographic options. Puzzles and other incomplete themes also engage the problem-solving need of humans and make them influenced by the cover. Like the puzzle, theme, click the viewer to discover that what puzzle depicts.

So, the use of less but relevant stuff enhances the betrothal of the readers. But in this type of book covers the positioning of the text and images need great care.

Just try to speak to the sentiments of your target audience:

In order to heighten the reader’s interest, various pictorial and textbases emotions are demonstrated by the designers. Like the cover design of the book “The end of food” Shows an empty food container as the ideas are petrifying. So it speaks to the sentiments of the audience and grabs their attention in a few seconds.

Likewise, another book cover “How the light gets in” that contains the light behind the letters of the text creates the illusion that seizures the inspirational emotions and also the mystical enlightenment.

If the design of the book covers is able to engage emotions, then it would surely lead them to purchase the book. So in order to generate the linking with the character of the story and the topic of the book, intuitive, emotional responses are used in the book cover designs.               

Colors are also a useful way to express your story:

The designers often play with colors and create some astounding themes that are capable of winning the buyer’s attention. It is assumed that vivid and sharp color patterns are applied to the design to attain customer interest.  But if such colors do not complement your book tone then you do not need to use those colors. As the colors, it is having some meanings and also used to convey the tone so you can use colors that match the book theme.

However, the specific color pattern is also helpful in delivering the message to the users about the idea of the inside book story. The books that are designed for the kids, usually contain colorful book covers on which various characters are also presented.

Add to this; the abstract designs and custom booklet printing are also made by using stokes of various color shades. And such design would be able to use for the book cover.

Do not complicate the book cover by using complex colors:

Ultimately the colors that are used in the book cover depend on the one-liner of the story. A simple demonstration is made by using one or two colors only. And the use of a multi-color theme complicates the design, and it would reduce the engagement of the readers.  As it is understood that all and sundry loves the colors. However, all books do not need the rainbow for the presentation of their book cover. It means if the book needs a few colors for its design, then you surely need to go with less.

And such relevant colors would boost the overall impact of the book cover. For example, on the cover page of the book “105 ways to prepare peanuts for human consumption” the designer cleverly uses the two-color combinations. The pink and brown shades look much impressive.

Typography would make your cover an interstellar:

Yes! The text, written information, and content also proved an engaging factor for your book cover. If you have the sense to play with the typographic options, then you would win the reader’s attention at once. However, the typography has the depth, and by using such depth, you can add clarity to your cover.

However, the annexation of innovative fonts also intensifies the final look of the typography. So, in order to find the appropriate fonts styles that sing for the reader’s ear, you can visit font squirrel and Dafont. So, if you have creativity, then by just using the text, you can easily make the perfect book cover design. 

Make the focal point to get noticed:

There are some books that cover a specific subject. And if the designer needs to connect the cover of the book with the subject, then these subjects would be taken as the one major component of the design. And to create the appeal that point is visually added in the cover design.

Just take the example of climbing Kilimanjaro is a book that is written on the climbing topic. So, the designer very wisely uses the mud-covered shoeprint on the cover. So, the hiking and mountains are clearly portrayed on the cover. And even in the first view, anyone can get an idea about the book and its subject.

For such a reader who does not make many efforts for searching the subjects of the books by reading content, this type of book cover is engaging as it provides the snapshot of the book in its first outlook.

Final views:

Being a designer attraction is the foremost thing to consider, and relevancy is the second important element. So, when you are going to play with the colors, text, and typographies, make sure that it would create something that makes the viewer’s wow. As the book cover serves as an ambassador of the book and writings so it would be designed in a way that leads the reader to the pages. And a well-planned and developed cover is one that lets your book identity shine in the clusters of other similar writings. In this context, all afore-mentioned information would assist you in crafting winning cover for your books.