How can you make the cone sleeves more informative by providing awareness for COVID-19?

Nowadays, life is totally changed because of the running outbreak for a novel pandemic of COVID-19. Every industry and single person are effected from this eruption of Coronavirus. But no one forgets to eat ice cream for making their moods gleeful and cheerful. So, as the ice-cream manufacturer is a responsibility on your shoulders to play their role in stopping COVID-19. With the verbal combination, you ice-cream cones also help you to spare the awareness and reminders for following the precautions. So let’s see how you can make your ice-cream cones sleeves personalized for COVID-19 and why this requires?

Why do you need for spreading knowledge in masses?  

Although everyone played their role in the fighting to win the war against Coronavirus. Sometimes as a human being, we make mistakes and forget to protect yourself from the small considerable factors. For instance, we forget to wash our hands before eating. In this regard, when brands deliver the message in the masses by packaging, so they recall in your mind and always follow up these precautionary instructions. Some ways for spreading awareness in the masses by using custom cone sleeves are enlisting below for you:

  • Write awareness messages:
  • Print face with a cover mask with attractive color
  • Use the picture to cover your face with an elbow on sneezing time
  • Print handwashing picture with 20 seconds clock 
  • Endow message of social distancing by printing separate peoples

Let’s take a quick dive in the detail of the above-mentioned points for making more engaging. 

Write awareness messages:

First of all, you can print various informative messages and quotations on your custom printed cone sleeve. For instance, you can write “sanitize your hand before taking a bite of ice cream”. Such sorts of messages are quite helpful for the audiences for using the sanitizer on your hands before starting eating to enjoy the happiness and sweetness of ice-cream.

Print face with the cover mask with attractive color:

By using the pictorial of cover your mask with attractive colors on the custom ice-cream cone sleeves, you able to create the fascinating look that captivates the customers for recognizable in the rest of ice-cream brands. You can use blue color for printing mask. Append to this; you can also use blue turquoise and silver foiling for endowing the prominence to the mask for creating an engaging look. 

Use the picture to cover your face with an elbow on sneezing time:

You can also be having the options for printing elbow that use by a person to cover your face on the time of sneezing and cough issues. For printing this image, you can write “Cover-up face” with foiling on personalized cone sleeves. The picture with majestic ice and face-covering by shirt sleeve and elbow create an image that compels them, customers, to take this ice-cream at least one time. For endowing the raised up, you can use an embossing effect on your elbow place. 

Print handwashing picture with 20 seconds clock:

In this tactic, you can use a lock with a color portion of 20 seconds and tow hands on the cone sleeves that are washing by soap.  For the washing purpose, you can also take an image of the hand wash bottle. On the surface of hands and soap bars, you can also use debossing effects that add the value in your cone sleeves. Add to this; you write the text was your hand with soap at least 20 seconds on the cone sleeves in bold letters and colors.  

Endow message of social distancing by printing separate peoples:

Lastly, you can use messages for social distancing by printing ice cream cones with specific distance on the custom printed cone sleeves by city of packaging. It delivers the message of social distancing in the masses. You can also print on sleeves “stay home stay safe”. Similarly, you can print two persons that are stranding on the difference and show the social distancing. You can use various characters like male, females, and kids. For making them visible for the audiences, you can use a variety of vivid colors and foil with embossing and embossing effects. 

So, the above-mentioned detail is quite for explaining the variety of tactics that you can use on ice cream cone sleeves for spreading awareness on how you can prevent yourself from COVID-19. On this subject, you can print a variety of printing tactics on your cones.