Before we start with the tips to create your very first fiction novel, you first need to know what a fiction novel is. Fiction novels are based on imagination. Most of the novels we usually read are fiction. All the characters and the story is the creation of the author’s amazing imagination. 

So, now that we all know what fiction novels are, then let’s get started with how to write a fiction novel that everyone will love. If you love to read and have a passion for writing then to create a fiction novel, you won’t need any ghost-writing services. First, you need to get the thought of getting help from anyone else if you wish to create a masterpiece. As long as you have a way out, then you won’t be able to focus all your attention towards the task at hand. It is crucial to clear out any and all the distractions from your mind. 

Have you ever noticed that whenever you read a fiction novel, you can clearly picture everything in your mind as if you are watching a movie? The descriptions and story are all present in your mind, and you can simply conjure everything according to the descriptions provided by the author in the book. So, when your mind can see everything by reading the descriptions in the book, then you can also write a book if you have a story trapped in your mind. All you have to do is to try and visualize everything clearly, and a half you work is already done.

This takes up to our first essential tip to create your first novel:

You need a vivid imagination and a crystal clear story inside your head: You need to understand that when you are writing a fiction novel, then the only limits your story has are the limits of your imagination. The more detailed your imagination is, the better your story will turn out to be. But along with vivid and clear images, you also need to have a proper story in your mind. It is always good to let yourself watch a movie inside your head and visualize all the characters in your story. Give each and every one of your characters a proper and distinctive personality and think about how they would behave in certain situations. Knowing your story’s characters is one of the most important aspects of writing a novel. The more clearly you can see your character, the better you will be able to put it down on paper for your readers.

Capture your reader’s interest early: You, as a writer, need to put yourself in your reader’s shoes for a moment and ask yourself that would you like to read a novel that starts off in a boring way. Try and capture your reader’s attention and interest early by some kind of a tragedy or a problem or maybe even an accident. Start your story in a way that keeps your readers glued to the novel. Keep your readers hooked; otherwise, they might not want to read any further. Try and start every chapter in a way that compels your readers to read further and make them want to go down that rabbit hole at all costs.

Know your audience closely: Fiction novels have many different variations. Your novel can be an action novel, romantic novel, erotica, fantasy or even crime. What you need to understand is that each fiction genre has a totally different audience, and their expectations are totally different from other genres. You need to be able to understand what your audience is expecting from your novel. The best way to have this covered is by choosing the genre that you love to read yourself. This enables you to judge your audience very easily. Once you know and understand what your audience expects from the story, then you can start to work on trying to write it in a way that pleases you and your audience both.Every chapter’s end should be a nail biter: You need to make sure that you end all your chapters that leave your audience hungry for more. This is something that will make your audience delve deeper into the imaginary world of the story.