The year 2020 didn’t turn out to be the best start of a new decade. Everyone was very excited to start this year with a bang. Unfortunately, this year things didn’t go great for everyone. A new type of virus named a Coronavirus made things worse for the whole world. Initially, a huge number of cases of COVID-19 were reported from China. At the beginning of this pandemic, people had no idea how to protect themselves from this deadly virus.

Therefore, within a matter of a few weeks, this virus spread over 100 countries. At present more than 180 countries are affected by this deadly virus. Almost every country had to shut down businesses, shops, and public places to limit the spread of the virus.  So, due to the lockdown circumstances, underdeveloped countries had to face severe economic issues. Let’s find out the effects of coronavirus on the world.

States with weaker economy are suffering the most

The only basic solution to prevent the spread of COVID-19 was to limit the social gatherings. Recreational places, such as malls, parks, restaurants, and cinemas, were closed. These places were at the highest risk. On the other hand offices and educational institutes have also been closed. At the moment, the world is the state of a complete lockdown. Even the grocery and medical stores have been advised to operate for specific hours only. In such a situation, no revenue is being generated. If we take a closer look, we will come to know that let alone a single industry has given the loss of thousands of dollars to every state. The cinema industry, the restaurants, and the private workplaces all had their role in the economic system of various countries. When has everything been shut down, from where the governments will get all that revenue?

The whole situation directly influences the economy of states. If we talk about the USA, Canada, and Spain, these countries also have a tough time dealing with the current situation. The reality is that it’s the list of underdeveloped countries that are suffering the most. Their economic conditions were already below the line. They had taken a huge number of loans from the World Bank and the International Monetary fund (IMF).  The COVID-19 has badly hit these countries, and the coming days seem to ignite the current disappointing situation.

Health infrastructure has been exposed

In the past, the Spanish flu, also known as the 1918 pandemic, really exposed the below-par health infrastructure. It kind of makes sense, as in those days, medical science was far behind. Health professionals had a tough time dealing with that pandemic. Talking about COVID-19, it is also a pandemic following pretty much the same patterns and has exposed the health infrastructure of many developed states. Every other country has a shortage of hospital beds and protective health equipment. Surgical masks, various medicines, and other protective equipment are out of stock. Even some doctors and health professionals don’t have all the protective equipment. The current stats indicate a horrific situation and points out many questions:

  • After all its 2020, weren’t the superpowers of the world ready to face any kind of emergency health situation?
  • Why do China, who has over a billion populations, built a 1000 bed hospital in such a situation? Why didn’t they have a sufficient number of beds to accommodate their population?

These questions need to be answered, and these show how the world wasn’t ready to tackle an unknown virus that could cause serious damage. China did build a 1000 bed hospital, which is a good sign, but the point is that they should have a sufficient number of hospitals for their dense population. You never know when such a horrific situation arises. Talking about the year 2020, it seems like the whole world is trying so hard to prevent and cure the COVID-19, but the results aren’t that satisfactory. The whole world should have learned from the 1918 Spanish flu, such viruses and bacteria can reactivate anytime and at anywhere.

Unemployment and poverty

When there is no business, how would the organization hire people? How would they pay their existing employees? What about those who have graduated this year and are in search of jobs? Everything seems to be so mixed up that no one has an idea what the circumstances would be after COVID-19.  Due to the lockdown situation, the ratio of poverty has increased. People have no job, no business; they have to pay utility bills and house rents. Those who had jobs have been terminated for no reason.

All of these concerns are of those people who were working somewhere and had some experience. If we talk about fresh graduates, what’s their fault? Who is responsible for their career? If we observe the things closely, we’ll see that every aspect and every angle indicates a whole new story. So, this whole situation will raise the poverty level and will create a hopeless situation for many societies.

Not every professional can work from home

Once everyone got familiar with the symptoms and precautionary measures of COVID-19, everyone wanted a unique way to earn a living. Then the new “work from home” concept got popular. People and even government officials started working by sitting at their homes. Everyone was advised to work from home instead of going to their workplaces. To an extent, this concept makes sense, but it isn’t perfect for every job and business. Many people who run businesses cannot simply work from home.

People, who work on daily wages what about them? The community that works in malls, cinemas, and recreational spots they cannot just work from home. They also have to survive; for these people, every one of us has to think. Even for some businesses, the owners have to physically go out and manage stuff. So, the work from home isn’t ideal for many communities.  If they won’t work or earn their livelihood, they will also become part of that hopelessness that is widespread as of now.