This article provides practical tips on how to become a healthy person without drugs and any kind of magic. It is within your power to use the advice that will be given here and it is up to you whether you will be healthy or will be constantly ill.

Many people do not know that various diseases that arise in the body are the result of improper behavior and even poor thinking. However, it is all about making your lifestyle healthy, Hoja is really a platform, which will help you get your thinking in the right place for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Necessary conditions for absolute human health

Some of these conditions are known to modern medicine and science, and some are not. Remember these conditions:

  • Proper nutrition
  • The correct mode of rest (sleep)
  • Man’s foresight is the ability to distinguish truth from lies
  • A small attachment to the objects of pleasure and feelings (to money, to a husband or wife, to children, to a car, etc.)
  • Generosity – donations and charity (this is a special state of mind that helps get rid of serious illnesses)
  • A balanced lifestyle and avoiding extremes
  • The tendency to speak the truth (truth)
  • Patience and the ability to forgive (resentment is one of the main causes of many diseases)
  • Willingness to serve and help worthy, pure and exalted people

I am sure that some of these points were completely unexpected for you. However, it works fact. It is because of the lack of knowledge about these things that the attempts of modern physicians to fight serious diseases are so insignificant.

Always remember that dissatisfaction in the mind generates negative emotions that “drain” the person from the inside. All this destroys the internal balance and often leads to serious illnesses.

Ways to cure diseases

There are various ways to become a healthy person and recover from illnesses, but here I will list two basic and simple methods of treatment (medication is already an extreme method):

  • Detoxification (elimination of toxins) – applicable for simple diseases that arose due to a violation of the daily regimen
  • Effects on the mind – affect problems that arise under the influence (of karma or genetics), which cannot be eliminated by detoxification.

Many people today are shortening their lives in all available ways (intoxication, poor diet and daily routine, and much more).

Improving Health with Nutrition

Do not rush to extremes. Each person is individual and everyone needs to eat as much as necessary. Excess or lack of food will lead to only one result – to constant thoughts about food.

  • The same rule can be attributed to sleep and much more.
  • How to determine the required amount of food for a person? The best way is:
  • To get up from the table with a slight feeling of hunger.

This is when a person feels that he can eat more, but you can no longer eat. In this case, the person will not have any heaviness in the stomach, he will not be put to sleep after eating, and he will feel very easy.

Not earlier than 2-4 hours after the previous meal. Moreover, since people have different metabolism, you need to eat after the previous food has been digested, and this is 3-4 hours, and sometimes more. It all depends on the severity of the food eaten. It is also important to eat when the appetite comes in the stomach, and not in the mind.