Today, everyone wants to know the situation of different countries who are suffering from deadly coronavirus. Most of them are concerned about their business and jobs. They want to resume their daily routine once this pandemic ends. It’s fine to think like that, but it’s a bit selfish thinking. You have to think about the whole community that is also suffering from the consequences of this virus. Let’s talk about animals; after all, they are also living beings. They need food and oxygen to live just like us. Most of us assume that animals aren’t that important to discuss, especially during this pandemic. In reality, it’s important to discuss how animals are being affected by COVID-19, and here is how.

Why should one discuss animals?

Animals are almost all around us in the shape of pets. People like to pet cats, dogs, and horses. You may not have a pet at your home, but your neighbor can have. So, in such circumstances, we cannot ignore the influence of COVID-19 on animals. As they are also a part of our community, we interact with them. Reports show that the coronavirus has spared because of human social interaction.

If a person is suffering from a virus, he can transfer that virus to his pet. So, it is possible that some of us might affect our pets. Regarding the COVID-19 effect on animals, then yes, several reports claim that humans can transfer this virus into pets. Therefore, it is important to understand that the animals around us can get affected by this virus. We also have to think about their survival. We never know how and when a single affected pet can transfer the virus to so many other animals or humans.

Are there any cases of animals being affected by COVID-19?

Some people didn’t even believe that animals can get affected by a novel coronavirus. To date, multiple cases of animals have been reported who were tested positive for coronavirus. It all started when a Tiger from New Yorks Zoo showed some symptoms. Later on, she was tested positive for coronavirus. This news shocked almost half of the earth’s population. People had no idea that even wildlife animals such as big cats can get affected. According to the Zoo administration, the tiger was suffering from dry cough. The surprising element is that, the zoo was closed due to the lockdown. The tigers and other animals couldn’t interact with humans. So, how that tiger affected? Well, some doctors believe that one of the caretakers of that zoo was suffering from this virus. That person could be the virus carrier. To date, there isn’t a piece of strong evidence or a medical report that explains how the tiger got affected. The sad part is that even the animals aren’t completely safe from this deadly virus.

Apart from that tiger, some pets (mainly cats) were also tested positive for coronavirus. Their tests showed that they got affected by a human who was also suffering from a virus. One of the cat owners was the corona patient. Doctors believe that the car got affected by his owner. Surprisingly, dogs that also live as a pet in many homes have not been affected by this virus. A team of doctors in China is working on research to find out how this virus affects different species of animals.

How COVID-19 is affecting animals?

So far, this year has turned out to be one pathetic year for animals. At the start, the situation bush fire killed thousands of animals. Now, the novel coronavirus has also started affecting several animals. There is also a positive sight of this picture; let’s discuss the impacts of Covid19 on animals.

They’ve got the freedom they wanted

It’s the man who started interfering with animal life. If we take an in-depth look, we’ll found out that animals have never harmed humans unintentionally. Whenever we disturb them or try to kill them, they attack us in their defense. Take a look at wildlife hunters, how they kill thousands of animals and birds every year in the name of pray. Now, due to the lockdown, hunters cannot freely go for hunting.

Due to this, animals have got the freedom they wanted. They can freely roam around in jungles without being hunt. The situation is pretty much the same in public wildlife parks. No one is allowed to visit any public or recreational spot during this pandemic. Animals that live in these parks and recreational spots can now live without any fear. This is a positive sign, and if we think about our animals, we’ll find out that these living beings also need some time for themselves.

Ban on wildlife trade may heal some animals

The Chinese government is planning to put a ban on wildlife trading. According to them, the sale and trade of different animals should be stopped worldwide. These animals can be a source of unknown viruses for humans. Also, humans can also harm these animals in multiple ways. According to some reports, this ban may turn out into a worldwide ban on animal trading. The effect of this ban is all positive for animals and wildlife species.

Wildlife animals approaching the human population

In this pandemic situation, humans have self-isolated themselves. The streets, roads, and public spots are empty. Therefore, many animals have tried to approach urban areas in many cities. In India, a herd of deer was spotted roaming around on the roads. Also, many monkeys were seen in search of food in urban areas. As humans are at their homes, no one is there to feed animals such as monkeys that are always there at recreational spots. In Spain, a wildlife cat was also spotted on the road. All of these animals were spotted in a video captured by people. According to these videos, most of the animals have tried to reach urban areas in search of food.