Have you got frustrated with the performance of your system? Moreover, tried every solution to boost up the performance and speed of the system. But, still, you’re unable to get the power of the system back. Then, it must have been associated with the drivers. Drivers are a significant factor that ensures the effectiveness of the system. Drivers are not only important for the effectiveness of the system but also crucial for the hardware equipment working. Sometimes, you’ve found or detect that your printer is not working properly. Here, we’re talking about the HP printer driver problems. HP printer is not printing properly is a very common issue. This could be happening because of the missing, broken, corrupted, and old drivers. Here, you’ll find out the solutions to the common HP printer driver problems. 

Paper Jamming

Paper Jamming is another major problem that usually occurs and hinders the work by which HP printer users may get irritated. Paper Jamming is the term which refers to when the printing stuff gets stuck into the computer printing. This problem occurs when you fail to maintain your printer properly. That’s why always ensure that you keep your printer clean and clear. 

Prints Extra Blank Page 

When your printer produces an extra blank page after printing every document then this could occur due to the outdated drivers. Therefore, it is very crucial for effective printing that the printer drivers are updated always. 

Printer produces missing or rough prints

At the time when you find that your printer is unable to print accurately. Printer produces rough or missing prints because of the outdated drivers. Hence, to get the accurate and complete print you must take care that the printer drivers are always updated. Missing grid lines, rough or incomplete printing is another sign that printer drivers need an update. 


Yet another problem that occurs frequently and annoys most of the HP printer users is – Ghosting. Ghosting can interrupt the operations of the printer. Ghosting is the term where you find that images get printed properly in an accurate format but the worst part is this the image prints in the very low-quality. This issue usually arises in the case of Laserjet printers.   

Incomplete Lines 

Sometimes, you found that the printer produces print in an inappropriate format because the outdated driver stops the printer to work effortlessly. Printer produces prints in which lines are incomplete or inadequate. And sometimes, the printer generates prints in the bold textboxes which are also not an appropriate format. Incomplete lines may occur because the printer doesn’t connect with the system properly as it is incorporated with the outdated drivers. 

Prompts error messages frequently

During the printing process, sometimes you’ve experienced that printer stops amidst and prompts the error messages frequently. Outdated drivers always cause frequent crashes. Hence, this makes an update necessary for drivers. 

These are some issues that can be arises due to having outdated or corrupted drivers. So, always ensure that your printer drivers are always up-to-date. Otherwise, old drivers will occur many problems including frequent failures, inappropriate printing, missing lines, missing grid lines, and so on. This will also waste a lot of time. Therefore, always ensure that your HP printer drivers are up-to-date. After exploring the issues, now let us find out the reasons why this is happening.

Wrong Installation

The foremost problem that matters a lot for effective printing is – the wrong installation. Sometimes, you must have experienced a notification like – windows are unable to recognize your device. This notification always prompts but do you know why? Because of the incorrect or wrong configuration of drivers. 


To resolve this problem install the drivers correctly and accurately. And always try to upgrade the drivers as soon as the manufacturer releases them. By opting the automatic process to update the drivers, you’ll be easily able to update the driver frequently and quickly.

Not compatible with the running windows version

One more biggest problem associated with drivers is – the configured printer drivers are not suitable with the current version of Windows. And every individual is not a tech champ so they can’t be able to detect the problem. Hence, to avoid the bad configuration always ensures the drivers you are going to install is compatible with the running version of Windows. 


To fix this issue you can only do is – to check the compatibility of the drivers. Whatever drivers you are going to use must be suitable with your present version of Windows. 

Driver files are affected by the malware

This problem is also very risky that stops your printer to work admirably. If your printer produces missing lines, rough printing, and prints extra blank page then it could be associated that the printer driver files are affected by the malware and viruses. As we all know malware and viruses are so hazardous to our system. These corrupted files of printer drivers snatch the effectiveness of the printer. 


The only solution to fix this issue is – must have appropriate and good antivirus scanner software. Because of the good antivirus program, your system and printer driver files are always kept in the protection. An antivirus program creates a protective layer around the system. And if these solutions won’t be able to fix the issue then re-download HP printer driver

Manual VS Automatic Processing 

We have two options to update the old drivers i.e., manually and automatically. There is nothing bad to update drivers manually, but it is a very time-consuming process. As you have to check on constantly for the new releases. And the most crucial drawback of this process is – that it doesn’t be able to update drivers completely. That means, it left the updation processing of drivers in the half-way by so some drivers remain missing or broken. 

Contrarily, the automatic process is a beneficial approach to update the drivers. Because you don’t require to check on frequently. As soon as the manufacturer releases the new update this process updates the drivers instantly. The best thing about automatic updation is that it updates all the drivers like missing, hidden, broken, and faulty in just a few seconds. Always try to update drivers automatically because it is less time-consuming. 

Drivers are the significant factor that ensures the effective working or connectivity of your printer. Drivers are essentially very important as per the perspective of security. New driver updates bring the advanced security patches to your system that will keep you safe all the time from threats.  

We all know how much drivers are crucial for the effective working of our system, hardware equipment, and many more. Outdated drivers can be a cause of failure. On the contrary, new drivers surely give you the best execution of the system and hardware devices ever. So, always takes care that your system and printer have upgraded drivers. The above-listed points will help you to recognize the problem. Along with the problems, we’ve also mentioned the solutions to those listed problems that will help you to fix the problems easily, and instantly.