Well, nobody denies the importance of yummy and mouthwatering ice-cream cone that is cornet in the crunchy sugar biscuit waffle. This creamy and frozen dessert is amazing in the taste and lovable by every aged person. For granting up the marked packaging that protects your waffle and creamy substance, you require custom cone sleeves from packaging brands. These sleeves have a wide collection of characteristics that make them special and vying to grasp the attention of the customers. Such characteristics are entailing below for you; 

  • Moisture-proof eco friendly 
  • Unique and novel appearances of cone sleeves 
  • Use Food degree aluminum paper 
  • Odorless printing 
  • Available in competitive prices
  • Various sizes 

Let’s dive in the detail of points mentioned above that deliver the understanding for about the characteristics of cone sleeves:

Moisture-proof eco-friendly:

The first and foremost thing is quite considerable the quality of packaging material. You should consider many things in your mind like either your sleeve is durable for bearing the weight of cone waffle or ice-cream. On the other hand, the sleeve must be moist proof that never damages from melting ice cream substance. Otherwise, it low-quality packaging sheet of cone sleeves mix with your ice cream after melting. So, use the best quality paper stock like aluminum and plastic sheet that is ecofriendly for captivating the target audiences.  Append to this; you can also use lamination sheet on the cone sleeves to make more moist proof. 

Unique and novel appearances of cone sleeves:

After the durability effect, such cone sleeves are also quirky in the appearance.  So, these novel and unique design patterns for your custom ice-cream cone sleeve make them more engaging the audiences and bound for buying. You can make them alluring and enchanting by going for personalized options as per the event and seasons. Also, the use of vivid and sparkling colors make them more majestic. So here is the list of design patterns that you can use on cone sleeves for granting the pizzazz look. 

  • Black and white cone sleeves 
  • Gingham cone sleeves design 
  • Vintage look cone sleeves 
  • Polka dot cone sleeves 
  • Summer strips cone sleeves design patterns 
  • Abstract design 
  • Printing the chief ingredient on the sleeves 

Use food degree aluminum paper:

Well, the use of aluminum paper is common in the packaging industry are expanded to every product. Similarly, various types and ranges of aluminum papers are using for packaging purpose. But for food items like bakery products, cooked food, frozen desserts, and ice cream cones are best for using food degree paper stuff in the packaging process. When packaging brands use food degree aluminum use for cones, so it protects from damaging and issues related to human health as well. 

Odorless printing:

Normally, when you can print the packaging of the product, it gives the special fragrances of printing that are unhealthy and irritating for the customers who eat the ice-creams. So, always use eco-friendly and quality printing ink toners for custom printed cone sleeves by city of packaging that make odorless packaging for your food products. And make them secure and safe for human health. 

Available in competitive prices:

Such cones are also having wholesale rates and discounts for newbie and small businesses. So, the availability of wholesale cone sleeves is quite affordable for the ice cream manufacturers to pack the bulk quantity of ice cream cones. In this way, you able to get quality and stylish cone sleeves as wholesale.  https://www.cityofpackaging.com/

Various sizes:

These cone sleeves are availing in the variety of sizes as per their interest of the consumers. Most of the packaging brand endow the 120ML, 80 ML and 50 ML sizes for cone sleeves. 120 ML cone sleeves are making for the 110 MM sugar biscuit cone. On the other hand, 80 ML and 50 ML are best for packing the 90 MM sugar biscuit crunchy cones. So you can select as per your wants.  

So, the discussion that is earlier mentioned is quite evident for put lights on the characteristics of custom cone sleeves. It tells the things that are imperative and make your cone sleeve available for use. In short, it available in various sizes, wholesale price, odorless printing, unique design patterns and made from quality material that ecofriendly as well as best for food items. So, it’s your time to select the luminous cone sleeves for your ice creams.