No matter how many people say ingestion of coffee is harmful, and one shouldn’t drink it. But to us, I mean to coffee lovers there’s no way of staying away from coffee. Coffee is love, and coffee is life. A way without coffee is useless, boring and a very pathetic day. So here are 9 reasons why coffee should be ingested:

  1. It helps you to feel happy: you cannot begin your day with a smile on your face until you had a cup of morning coffee, ever wondered why is that so? Here’s the science behind it; coffee can stimulate the release of hormones, i.e. dopamine. Dopamine helps you to feel happy. 
  2. Lower the risk of developing diabetes type 2: Here is a surprising fact about coffee. Chemicals in coffee can help in decreasing the sugar levels in the blood. Thereby helping the individual to cut off the risks of getting diabetes type2. 
  3. Helps in boosting the metabolism: caffeine in coffee tends to increase the metabolism of the body. This can aid an obese individual to lose body fats. therefore, coffee can also be the best way to burn calories. 
  4. Coffee can protect you against Alzheimer’s’ disease: since we know the fact that coffee affects the central nervous system of an individual. Therefore, coffee drinkers are less likely to suffer from dementia which ultimately leads to Alzheimer’s disease.
  5. Coffee protects us from developing cancer: coffee is rich in antioxidants which can protect our body against free radicals. It also tends to protect us against UV damage or treats the damage already caused by harmful UV rays. 
  6. Rich in fiber: Coffee is loaded with fiber. The importance of fiber is already known to almost every individual. It reduces constipation and keeps the digestive system healthy. 
  7. Protects the skin: This fact will enable you to understand why the cosmetic industry is adding coffee in winter creams and body lotion. It is because the slightly acidic pH of coffee can constrict the pores, which will give a younger looking appearance. Coffee will also protect against the harmful effects of UV rays. 
  8. Protects against Parkinson disease: Parkinson disease is a neural disease which is caused by loss of dopaminergic neurons. Due to which dopamine level is greatly reduced. But coffee tends to increase the production of dopamine. Therefore, it tends to lower down the risk of acquiring Parkinson disease. 
  9. Protects our liver: ingredients in coffee helps to protect against liver disease, i.e. liver cirrhosis. It is the end stage of liver failure and can be caused by excess consumption of alcohol. Coffee protects against this condition as well. 

There are loads and loads of benefits of coffee consumption. But it is crucial to understand that whatever you do or consume should be done in moderation or else in spite of lots of benefits you will be experiencing the downside of coffee consumption

Author Bio: Amelia Smith is a nature loving and professional writer. She loves to help others find ways to make life fun and aging easier to enjoy life. Therefore, her major topic that catches her fancy is making life a better experience. She works with Best Health Guidelines to pass on her knowledge and efforts to spread happiness.