There are numerous things to know about living and working in Canada. This could be something that is challenging for most immigrants because it is not their country of residence. The country has beautiful landscapes that are attractive to foreigners who want to live and work in Canada. They are known as the number one country when it has to do with job opportunities.

This country can boast of social amenities available to make lives easier for her citizens. They have the strongest economies compared to other countries in the world. This has shown from the rapid growth in its Gross Domestic Product. The kind of salary or wages they give their workers or employees is enough for them to care for themselves.

Things to Know About Living and Working in Canada

The following are things to know about living and working in Canada:

1.     Educated People are highly valued:

Most Canadian employers are in search of educated people to employ in their various companies. A graduate with good educational degrees or certifications is being considered hotcakes. This is as a result of Canadian employers that are in search for graduates with reputable skills.

2.     Short Lunch breaks:

If you are opportune to work for any Canadian employer, their lunch breaks are usually short for workers. The maximum time frame for a lunch break in Canada is usually 30 minutes, whereas, in some countries, it is 1 hour. Workers can use this time to refresh and unwind a bit.

3.     Bilingual Country:

This country is known for speaking two different languages, such as French and English language. For any individual who wants to have a good job in Canada must know how to speak either two or one of the languages. This is to ensure easy communication with other workers.

4.     High Demand for Information Technologist:

Individuals who are skillful in any part of information technology stand a better chance to secure a better job and earn a good income from Canadian employers. In metropolitan cities like Ontario and British Columbia is in a desperate search for highly skilled information technologists.

5.     Climate:

In Canada, they have four different types of weather throughout the year – spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Those who are living and working in Canada along the coastal regions enjoy warm temperatures compares to those in the inland area during the winter season.

6.     Affordable Cost of Residing in Canada:

It has been discovered by lots of foreign migrants who have lived and worked in Canada that the cost of living in Canada is more affordable compared to other countries. In the aspect of accommodation, one doesn’t have to close his or her bank before getting a comfortable apartment.

7.     Good Transport System:

There is no way you find yourself to your destination, because of the way their roads are being built. The road network has been able to prevent unnecessary traffic jams in their various high ways. This shows for easy transportation of goods to different provinces and territories.            


Before going to Canada, there are things to know about living and working in this country. Moreover, to become a residence in Canada, you need to learn about the IELTS score requirement for Canada immigration. In every country in the world, there are things peculiar to them. Therefore, going to Canada, the immigrant has to know some common things he or she is likely to see on getting there.