We have seen many fields of life where packaging boxes play a vital role. Dedicated packaging boxes are available that help businesses to promote themselves. From the start, stock packaging boxes were doing the job for many sellers and brands. But, with time, the demands of these sellers increased and they moved towards custom boxes. What special these boxes had offered? What made them so popular? Let’s find out these answers by taking a look at their types.

Cardboard made wholesale custom boxes

Cardboard made custom boxes are the type that is mostly used in almost every field of life. These packaging boxes have a very long life. The cardboard here is basically the packaging material. A lot of people are quite familiar with cardboard packaging. It is basically a natural packaging material obtained from wood pulp. It is processed to form different shapes and sizes, so its eco-friendly factor becomes less prominent. But still, it’s a very good packaging option. Cardboard wholesale custom Boxes offer very good protection to your products. If you sell sensitive items such as jewellery or food products, custom cardboard boxes are best for them.

 Corrugated cardboard boxes

After custom cardboard boxes, it’s corrugated packaging boxes that are mostly used. These boxes look and feel the same as standard cardboard boxes but there are some differences. Compared to the ordinary cardboard packaging material, corrugated cardboard is twice in thickness hence, it offers better protection. This does not mean that standard cardboard custom printed boxes by city of packaging aren’t good. Their protection level is good but only to an extent.

Corrugated cardboard boxes are used for shipping different products. Thanks to the additional layers of cardboard, these boxes can handle worse situations during shipping with ease. There are several flutes of cardboard that strengthen corrugated cardboard boxes. So, you can safely ship a variety of products using corrugated cardboard boxes.

Custom Kraft boxes

The third type of custom boxes is Kraft boxes, these boxes are very special. The Kraft is also the packaging material but it is quite different from the other materials. It is almost four times thicker than cardboard boxes. Kraft packaging boxes are used for packing small, lightweight and expensive products such as watches, jewellery and cosmetics. Some brands even use Kraft boxes for packing gift products.

Kraft boxes are also a bit expensive compared to other types of packaging boxes. The extra cost is because of the quality they offer. Custom made Kraft boxes will make your packaging look a lot premium. By adding an attractive finishing offer, you can further enhance the looks of Kraft boxes. 

Foldable boxes or cartons for packaging 

As mentioned before, the packaging industry has changed now. Therefore, even foldable boxes that were used for transportation are now part of customized packaging boxes. You can also customize these boxes the way you want. It’s the demand for brands and product sellers that they want to change the looks and appearance of every aspect of their packaging. This is why now foldable cartons are also customized and used for various purposes. 


So, the various types of custom packaging boxes help you advertise your brand name and its products. You may use standard cardboard packaging material if you are on a budget. You can put your brand logo and print other details even on the basic type of custom boxes. On the other hand, there are other options too like Kraft boxes. Custom made Kraft boxes will make your packaging look a lot premium. Use corrugated cardboard boxes if you run an e-commerce store where you often have to ship goods.